Tom Bohemia

From 2004 to 2006, , under the alias Tom Bohemia, Tom wrote a series of blogs entitled Rough Planet on his experiences as a travel writer.

Profile picture on Tom’s blog

“Hi,  I’m Tom Bohemia – globetrotter, explorer, observer, documenter,journalist, Weltbummler, hellraiser and renaissance man of the world. In the course of my many year’s work for Rough Planet guidebooks I’ve been to the back of beyond and back a thousand times, drawing from thelifeblood of my experience to distill perfect informative prose; now I, the icon, can finally share with you, the reader, the real story behind the books that make you go round the world, dispensed from my desert stronghold. Yes, dear followers, this is: The Downsides of Travel Writing. Prepare to be shocked, appalled and utterly depreconceptioned. Be warned: this is not for the faint-hearted. Welcome, traveller – come enter my world!”

Here is a selection of the 50 or so “downsides” of being a travel guide researcher, candid reflections on hotels, food, socks, and loneliness.

Rough Planet